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Data Security and Privacy

ISO/IEC 27701 Introduction :

Why Should You Consider Attending the ISO/IEC 27701 Introduction Training ?

The ISO/IEC 27701 Introduction training is your gateway to comprehending the fundamental principles of information security and privacy information management systems (PIMS). By participating in this course, you will gain insights into the structure of the standard, its requirements, and the controls it entails. Additionally, you’ll explore the advantages of obtaining an ISO/IEC 27701 certification and receive guidance on preparing for the certification audit.

Key Benefits of Attending:

  1. Information Security and Privacy Insight: Develop a solid understanding of information security and privacy management.

  2. Standard Familiarity: Learn about the structure, requirements, and controls outlined in ISO/IEC 27701.

  3. Certification Benefits: Explore the benefits of achieving ISO/IEC 27701 certification and how to prepare for the certification audit.

Who Should Attend ?

This training course is designed for individuals with various backgrounds who can benefit from understanding information security and privacy management:

  • Information Security and Privacy Professionals: Those actively involved in information security and privacy management.

  • Privacy Enthusiasts: Individuals looking to gain knowledge about the core concepts and principles of privacy information management systems (PIMS).

  • Information Management Enthusiasts: Individuals interested in the realm of privacy information management.

What Will You Learn ?

Upon completing this training, you will be equipped to:

  • ISO/IEC 27701 Basics: Gain familiarity with the concepts and requirements of ISO/IEC 27701 for establishing, implementing, and managing a privacy information management system (PIMS).

  • PIMS Essentials: Understand the fundamental elements of a PIMS based on the requirements of ISO/IEC 27701.

Educational Approach:

Our training methodology focuses on active engagement:

  • Practical Exercises: Participate in essay-type exercises and multiple-choice quizzes to reinforce your understanding.

  • Interactive Learning: Engage in discussions and collaborate with fellow participants to enhance your knowledge.

By attending the ISO/IEC 27701 Introduction training, you’ll gain a foundational understanding of information security, privacy management, and ISO/IEC 27701, equipping you with valuable insights to enhance your professional knowledge and contribute to the effective management of privacy information.