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Compliance Management

ISO 37301 Lead Implementer

Why should you consider attending? 

Attending the PECB ISO 37301 Lead Implementer training course offers a multitude of advantages. It helps organizations steer clear of or mitigate the costs, risks, and harm associated with noncompliance. Moreover, it ensures the organization’s long-term sustainability while fostering trust, confidence, good governance practices, due diligence, and ethically sound business conduct.

The PECB ISO 37301 Lead Implementer training course equips you with the knowledge required to establish, execute, oversee, sustain, and consistently enhance a Compliance Management System (CMS). It aims to provide a comprehensive grasp of ISO 37301 requirements, as well as the best practices and strategies employed for implementing and maintaining a compliance management system.

This training course empowers you to assist organizations in developing processes that enable them to fulfill all compliance obligations and establish controls that proactively prevent noncompliance. Ultimately, it contributes to the cultivation of a corporate culture characterized by integrity, transparency, and openness.

Upon completing the training course, participants can take the certification exam. Successful candidates are eligible to apply for the “PECB Certified ISO 37301 Lead Implementer” credential, a globally recognized certification. This certification validates your professional competencies and capabilities in implementing a CMS within an organization in accordance with ISO 37301 requirements.

Who should consider attending?

 This training course is ideal for:

-Managers, consultants, and compliance officers seeking a comprehensive understanding of ISO 37301 requirements for a compliance management system.

-Managers and consultants in search of a comprehensive framework for CMS implementation.

-Compliance officers responsible for practicing due diligence in managing compliance risks.

-Individuals interested in contributing to the promotion of ethical conduct and organizational integrity.

-Managers and members of governance, risk management, and compliance teams.

-Individuals aspiring to become compliance officers or consultants specializing in compliance management.

Learning objectives Upon completion of this training course, participants will be able to:

-Articulate the concepts, approaches, methods, and techniques employed in effectively implementing and managing a CMS.

-Explain the correlation between ISO 37301 and other standards and regulatory frameworks.

-Interpret ISO 37301 requirements from an implementer’s perspective.

-Assist organizations in establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving their CMS based on ISO 37301.

-Prepare an organization for a third-party certification audit.

Educational approach This learner-centered training course encompasses:

-Approaches and best practices pertinent to the implementation, operation, maintenance, and continuous improvement of compliance management systems.

-A solid theoretical foundation supported by real-world examples over the course of four days.

-Lecture sessions enriched with practical case studies.

-Interactive engagement between trainers and participants through questions and discussions

-Stand-alone quizzes and scenario-based quizzes designed to prepare participants for the certification exam.

Prerequisites The primary prerequisites for participation in this training course include a fundamental knowledge of ISO management system standards and a general understanding of ISO 37301 (or ISO 19600) and the principles of MS implementation.